Client: Retail company of approximately 150 branches across Quebec.

Mandate: Environmental site assessment Phase I & II for 21 outlets in the context of real estate transactions.

Budget : 450,000$
Timeline : 4 months

Services :

  • Interpret information and existing database from summaries of interviews and study of archival records;
  • Ascertain if past or current activities could have had any environmental impact on the land;
  • Locate the infrastructure on the property;
  • Carry out environmental drilling;
  • Sample the soil;
  • Install monitoring wells;
  • Sample the monitoring wells;
  • Compile and interpret the results as required by the MDDELCC and provincial regulations in relation to the future use of properties;
  • Write a detailed bilingual report of the activities and results obtained at each site.

Particular difficulty of the project: very tight timeline.