In-situ treatment for polymer manufacturer

Client : polymer manufacturer

Mandate :
1. Post-closure characterization of the plant and preparing the rehabilitation plan
2. Decontamination of 4,500 m³ of mud affected by organic contamination, treatment in a retention pond and three monitoring follow ups
3. Restoring an area of 400 m³  including silty and sandy soils contaminated with hydraulic oil
4. Monitoring groundwater quality and final report

Initial concentration : >C and RESC for HP C10-C50 and metals
Final concentration : 60 % in the A-B range and 40 % in the B-C range
Volume of treated soils: more than 4800 m³
Budget : 1,300,000$
Timeline : 18 months
Services :
• Prepare the rehabilitation plan to obtain a certificate of authorization
• Locate the infrastructure on the property
• Sample the monitoring wells
• Outline the area to be treated;
• Establish an injection map and locate each of the injection points on the site;
• Inject treatment solutions using a drill;
• Monitor air, soil and groundwater quality during treatment;
• Write a detailed report of activities carried out and results obtained.
Difficulties encountered and solutions applied: Management and treatment of sludge in above ground pool of 75 m x 45 m