In situ treatment for diesel and heating oil

Client : government corporation

Soil: Fine sand and silt

Initial concentration : heating oil/diesel/lubricating oil >C and >RESC
Final concentration : < B

Budget : 500,000 $
Timeline: treatment mandate of 12 months, including the certification application (C.A.), the treatment, the three monitoring sequences and the final report.

Services :
• Certificate of authorization request;
• Locate the infrastructure on the property;
• Sample the monitoring wells;
• Outline the area to be treated;
• Establish an injection map and locate each of the injection points on the site;
• Inject treatment solutions using a drill;
• Monitor air, soil and groundwater quality during treatment;
• Write a detailed report of activities carried out and results obtained.

Difficulties encountered and solutions applied: Two work sites with two types of contamination (diesel and hydraulic oil), all in a highly regulated governmental framework.