Since its inception in 1997, Northex Environnement has kept sustainable development at the heart of its mission. By focusing on soil remediation techniques allowing their revaluation, Northex ensures to improve the environmental performance of its customers while reducing decontamination costs. Our values can be summarized as follow:


Northex Environnement aims for an annual revaluation rate of its decontaminated soils of 65%. These can serve as fill material in civil engineering works, landscaping and even in various agricultural applications. We invest a lot of effort to push the boundaries of revaluation of treated soils in order to achieve this ambitious, but achievable goal. The idea of sustainable development – considering the development of today without compromising that of future generations – is at the heart of Northex Environnement’s mission since its beginning.


Looking at soil contamination, Northex has always had an innovative approach to find effective, inexpensive and applicable solutions to a variety of situations. From in-situ treatment to its inorganic contaminants treatment plant through the processing of dredging sludge, the proposed technologies have required significant investment, but above all, a willingness to push the boundaries of soil revaluation. Far from limiting itself to these successes, Northex continues its R&D programs in collaboration with the industry and other research centers with the ultimate objective of ensuring the comprehensive revaluation of land.


Northex is in the service of its customers, its community and the environment. We aim to satisfy our customers with a personalized approach to each type of situation, and ensuring unparalleled monitoring before, during and after consultation, remediation or disposition of land. Northex is also involved in its community through educational activities, sponsorships or participation in various regional committees. Finally, by its very mission, remediation of soils, Northex puts the protection of the environment at the top of its priorities.


Northex environment is one of the treatment centers authorized by the Ministry of Environment (MDDELCC) to receive and treat contaminated soil.

Also, in June 2002, the Environment Quality Act (EQA) was amended to give the MDDELCC the power to draw up a list of experts authorized to provide the certificates prescribed in section IV.2.1 of the Act on the protection and rehabilitation of land. Marie Josée Lamothe, President and Founder of Northex Environnement is one of these authorized experts, which gives Northex all the necessary legitimacy to carry out its work of consultation and rehabilitation of land.

Following the tightening of ethical standards in the construction industry and more generally in the award of public contracts, the Financial Markets Authority (AMF) has been appointed to issue permits to companies that want to enter into public contracts.

To meet these new standards, Northex Environnement has been accredited by the AMF to obtain public contracts. You can consult the AMF register for details.

Northex Environnement is accredited with many financial institutions including the Bank of Montreal (BMO), the National Bank of Canada (NBC), the Mouvement des Caisses Desjardins, the Business Development Bank (CDB) and many others.
Decontamination of land sometimes requires works of a certain magnitude. Indeed, either when removing an old underground tank or during rehabilitation work requiring drilling, excavation and eventually backfilling, it is important to verify that the firm conducting the work has all qualifications and authorizations before government bodies.

Northex Environnement holds a license from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) to perform various specialized work including non-drilled water collection structures, autonomous sanitation systems, excavation and earthworks as well as smaller works of concrete. We invite you to consult the Register of RBQ license holders to carry out your own checks.