In Quebec, environmental liabilities reached 3.2 billion in 2015. The Government of Canada for his part listed 22,000 (2015) contaminated sites. The figures from world markets are equally impressive. Other than landfill disposal, no viable option is widely available for the treatment of inorganic contaminants such as metals. Northex has developed a proprietary method for treating these contaminants and revaluate the treated materials.

Our technology for the treatment of inorganic contaminants (metals) consists of a mechanical segregation of soils combined to a process of chemical extraction of metals. In an objective of sustainable development, the new technology allows the processing of treated soil aggregates and fines, not to mention the recycling of metals.

In the fall of 2015, the construction of the plant was completed and the test phase has started. After eight years of research, development and investment, the commercial deployment of the technology was done in May 2016 . This technology is available at the Contrecoeur plant or through a mobile plant for large projects only.


It also deals with the dredging sludge generated in the framework of port development, sludge from mining sterile parks, etc. The technology can also treat weakly contaminated soils, currently exploding on the market, thus reducing the environmental footprint of many construction projects.

One of the most innovative aspects of this technology is that it offers the possibility to reuse the majority of treated materials. While avoiding landfill disposal by giving a second life to aggregates of all sorts, Northex can supply these treated materials directly from its site, limiting extensively the use of heavy vehicle. Indeed, our customers can now deliver us contaminated soils and leave with clean soils to be delivered anywhere. Below are a few examples of the type of soils offered. More detailed specifications will be available shortly.

8mm @ 2.5mm

2.5mm @ 600µm

600um @ 96µm