Located close to the Great Montreal Area, Northex Environment operates in Contrecoeur a 30 385 m² (650 000 ft²) contaminated soil treatment facility with a capacity exceeding 200 000 tons. This is the largest soil treatment plant in eastern Canada.

Our goal is to recycle 98 % of decontaminated soil as fill material in civil engineering works, landscaping and even in various agricultural applications. To reach this ambitious objective, we invest a lot of resources to push the revalorization of treated and decontaminated soil a few steps further.


Out treatment center and its technologies allow the processing of an impressive range organic, inorganic or mixed contaminations (criteria B-C, C+ et >RESC).

Our Center is certified by the Ministère du développement durable, de l’environnement et de la lutte contre les changements climatiques (MDDELCC) and has the capacity to receive soils containing various contamination types:

– Petroleum hydrocarbons (C10-C50) > B
– Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) > B
– Halogenated organic solvents > B
– Volatile organic compounds > B
– Metals > B

Chemical analysis

When requesting pricing for contaminated soils disposal, include the chemical certificates from an accredited laboratory to help us determine if we are allowed to receive the soils.

Details on the nature of the contamination

You can also tell us the origin of the contamination (oil spill, fuel tank, etc.), an essential information for our chemists.

Quantity and delays

Finally, an estimation of the amount of soils you want to dispose and a the time-frame in which you plan to do so will allow us to serve you efficiently once you get to the Contrecoeur site.